Wild Peace

Community Hospital 09/05/2017

I wrote this five years ago to the day on May 9, 2012. May it inspire you to listen to the whispers in your heart and find your own “wild peace”. I’m feeling uncommonly…

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Brush Off Your Crumbs

Community Hospital 06/04/2017

We are well into 2017. The glitz and glamour of the New Year has worn off and along with it, many New Year’s resolutions have been forgotten. Spring is now upon us! A new…

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Life is a Beautiful Mess

Community Hospital 19/12/2016

Our old dog woke me up in the middle of the night…again. Grumbling, I dealt with her and then stumbled back to bed. Eyes wide open I stared at the ceiling, every unfinished project…

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The personal side of cancer

Community Hospital 26/10/2016

I had the honor of interviewing the physicians at Grand Valley Oncology this summer to write their bios for their website. Of course, education and experience made the cut, but I wanted anyone who…

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Roses and Thorns

Community Hospital 30/08/2016

Shame spirals are real. They happen when you feel you have failed. When you’ve done something and you find yourself saying, “I’m not good enough.” It then spirals into something like this: I am…

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Summer is Here~ Slow Down!

Community Hospital 15/06/2016

Slow down. Last year I wrote an article for our second daughter who was graduating from high school. If you can relate to this rite of passage, check out “Dear Daughter” below via the…

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Think Differently.

Community Hospital 12/04/2016

I have our 3-year-old asleep on my lap as I type my first blog. It only seems fitting. I have held off on writing this because I wanted everything to be perfect. Perfection to…

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