The personal side of cancer

Community Hospital 26/10/2016

I had the honor of interviewing the physicians at Grand Valley Oncology this summer to write their bios for their website. Of course, education and experience made the cut, but I wanted anyone who…

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Fuel Your Workouts

Community Hospital 18/08/2016

There’s a lot of information out there from people and organizations telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or get healthy. All of that contradictory…

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Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

Community Hospital 18/07/2016

Probably every person has a story about how cardiovascular disease has affected their lives. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States even though many of the known risk factors…

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Genetic counselor…What is that?

Community Hospital 21/06/2016

Picture this.  You are at a friendly get together mingling with new people.  You are engaged in polite small talk and a familiar question comes up, “So, what do you do?”  For me the…

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Health Hazards of Exercise

Community Hospital 31/05/2016

Everyone is probably aware that exercise is a vital component of a healthy life. But with any physical activity there is an inherent risk of injury that may intimidate even those with the best…

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What’s the big deal about Blood Pressure?

Community Hospital 02/05/2016

There’s a lot of talk about blood pressure and as many as 1 in 3 adults have high blood pressure, only half of whom have their condition under control. But why does it matter?…

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