Wild Peace

Community Hospital 09/05/2017 Motivational

I wrote this five years ago to the day on May 9, 2012. May it inspire you to listen to the whispers in your heart and find your own “wild peace”.

I’m feeling uncommonly peaceful right now and as of 8:40 p.m. last night; our life has taken a wild turn. We are adopting our son who will be born on 7-09-12. Crazy? Yes. Calm? Crazily yes.

It hit me last night when I couldn’t sleep. Was it the major amount of caffeine I had consumed? Was it the dream with the snake in the ranch dressing bottle biting Johnny Depp? (crazy weird and scary…I HATE SNAKES!  And now I hate ranch dressing, too!) Or was it the fact that a birth mom, OUR birth mom, had seen our profile and decided our family with our “beautiful girls” (her words and mine!) would be the perfect family for her son. She said, “This is the biggest decision I have ever made.” We can only imagine. She also said, “This is a blessed day.” We agree.

And after the call, Chris said, “Are we crazy? What have we just done?!” I agree…but the crazy part is I am at peace with this wild journey we have just embarked upon.

I have a keynote presentation called “Live life on YOUR wild side”. You need to say, “YES!” to where you are at this moment in time. But I just realized, to say “YES!” confidently, there must be a sense of peace with that decision. That’s how you know your head, heart and gut are on the same page. It’s Yin Yang.

Yin Yang are not opposing forces but rather complementary opposites. (Thanks Wikipedia). When we feel that rhythm, we know that’s our rhythm. Wild excitement and a calm peace: that’s how I am defining my Yin Yang with the operative word being “my” in that sentence. Will people judge us? Ask us why we are doing this at our age? Call us crazy? Yes to all of the above. But I accept their judgment without another thought because this is our wild peace.

If you must know, we started discussing adoption, laughing about it, praying about it and trying to ignore it at least five years ago. We started the paperwork process including foster parenting classes and fingerprints in January 2011, and we had just started discussing whether it was time to throw in the towel. I was ready to file the papers away and call it a journey in spirituality.

Well, I guess the second leg of the journey has just begun…

~ Jana, MA, CHWC

Community Hospital Blog Contributor