Think Differently.

Community Hospital 12/04/2016 Motivational

My little writer

I have our 3-year-old asleep on my lap as I type my first blog. It only seems fitting. I have held off on writing this because I wanted everything to be perfect. Perfection to me would be writing in a magazine-worthy-photo-shoot-kind-of office in the stillness of the early morning with a cup of steaming coffee beside me.

Let’s be real.

Life is messy. (There are Cheerios on the floor behind me—he poured his own snack.) Life is chaotic. (The handyman is here fixing the basement ceiling where the toilet leaked above it.) Life is not perfect. (The laundry is not done and I still have puffy eyes from the movie Miracles from Heaven that I went to last night with our daughter.)

Between you and me, I will never write in the stillness of the morning. I am NOT a morning person. Coffee always smells good and it sounds like the thing a writer should have beside them, but give me a Diet Coke any day. And I am still waiting for Chip and Joanna from HGTV’s Fixer Upper to move to Grand Junction to decorate my space.

Maybe the office is perfect. There will be a day when this beautiful little boy won’t want to cuddle up on his mom’s lap. Maybe writing with the sun of the mid-morning shining in is the perfect lighting. I can see the leaves starting to bud on the trees out the window. Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings. But no one said our new beginnings would be perfect.

Let’s join together to look at life differently. Maybe perfect should be defined as precisely what we need at this moment, or rather, what someone else might need at this moment. If your day gets interrupted by a disgruntled customer or coworker, think differently. Maybe this imperfect moment is not about you. Maybe this moment is about them. Offer a smile or kind word (or in my case right now, a comfy lap).

When today brings you mess, frustration and chaos, think differently. Breathe. Smile. Be grateful. And learn to love this perfectly imperfect adventure called life.

~ Jana, MA, CHWC


  • Deana Tuttle

    Love this because yes life is messy but we need to enjoy more of the moments at hand because they slip by way to fast!

  • Laura Lee Sales

    What a lovely woman you’ve grown into Jana!! Beautiful sentiments.

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